The Dirt Draft Speed Shop

The Speed Shop allows subscribed users to redeem points they have earned through playing contests for merchandies, event tickets, ppv and streaming access, subscriptions, experiences, lifestyle items, etc..

The Dirt Draft points system distributes points to subscribed users based on their finish in a contest. Each contest has a pre-determined total amount of points to be distributed to a pre-determined amount of the top finishers in the game (normally the top 100 finishers). Your account will accumulate points until you redeem them in the Dirt Draft Speed Shop. Each game prior to entering will have posted the amount of points to be distributed and to what finishing positions.

Dirt Draft users have recognized that the cost of their subscription can be offset partially or fully by earning points and using them for items they may have purchsed otherwise.

"Love this game. It’s about time the dirt racing community gets a fantasy app, & this happens to be everything you want. I like how you can play against everybody or you can choose to host a match against your friends. It’s a few bucks a month which isn’t bad considering you will probably make it back by earning points which you can then use to spend on merchandise, etc. I’m excited to see how this app will continue to get even better."

"Awesome what Dirt Draft is doing. Finally something on the side of Dirt Track Racing and a fantasy aspect. You can play private matches with some buddies or against hundreds of people you may not know. Well with the $5 a month with all the cool prizes in the shop. The app is only going to get bigger and better as time goes on. Check it out!"



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Below are just a few examples of product in the Dirt Draft Speed Shop