Frequently Asked Questions


Dirt Draft is the first grassroots racing fantasy sports website/app. On Dirt Draft you play a salary draft game for specific racing events throughout the year (for entertainment purposes only). Dirt Draft compresses traditional season long leagues into just one day.

We offer motorsports fans an opportunity to turn their knowledge of their favorite driver and teams into prizes. Play any time – Dirt Draft has over 350+ games per year, year round..

Playing Dirt Draft is easy and fun! You join a race that you want to play where you have a $100,000 salary cap. You draft 5 drivers who have a pre-determined salary while staying at or under your $100,000 salary cap. You then compete against your friends in real time as your team of drivers score points based on their LIVE a-main standings and finish. Your total score is the comulative total of your drivers score.

While you can compete daily, No, Dirt Draft is for entertainment purposes only. There are no entry fees or cash payout for any games on With a Dirt Draft subscription you can play unlimited games for FREE, earn points and redeem those points for merchandise, tickets, ppv's, subscriptions and much, much more!

As a Dirt Draft subscriber you are able to participate in an unlimited amount of games.

Dirt Draft will create games for all the major series and events during the course of a week or day. There are multiple factors that go into the game schedule. However, on average (and weather permitting) you can expect to have an average of 12 games per week to participate in across all divisions. Some weeks there might be more, some weeks less.

Each event has a countdown clock associated that will give you the exact time that you need to have your team selected by. Normally that time will be just before that divisions first heat race takes the track.

Dirt Draft will have a driver roster posted 12-hours prior to the event. In some circumstances the roster could be posted sooner or later.

Great question! Dirt Draft needs a way to let the user know whether or not a drive is going to be at the event or not. So we created a traffic light system. • Green Light Status: Driver is 99.9% going to be at the event. • Yellow Light Status: Dirt Drafts “Insiders” believe this driver will be at the event but not certain. • Red Light Status: Driver was originally a Green or Yellow light but the Dirt Draft “Insiders” have found that the driver will not be at the event now.

We have a super secret and redicouosly complex algorithm that took 7 math professors to develop. In short though a drivers salary is directly related to their event result(s) and updated every Monday.

Average Drivers Rating (ADR) is a calculation to give the user a drivers overall rating based on performance. The ADR scale ranges from 100 – 40.

If a driver isn’t listed initially then they are not eligible to be drafted even if they do decided to attend the event after the draftable roster is posted. No driver will be added to the draftable roster after drafting has become LIVE. However, drivers that are on the draftable roster can have their status changed to Green, Yellow or Red if information becomes available about their status. While Dirt Draft will do it’s absolute best to notify users through social or email of status changes, it is the responsibility of the user to check the status of they drafted drivers prior to the event to ensure all are competing in the event.

Yes, at any point prior to the game lock time you can edit your team. To do that click on Upcoming Events, Choose the event you want to edit and then you’ll see a green Edit Team button.

Yes, all events are scored LIVE. However, there are times with the 3rd party timing and scoring feed maybe inactive that would disrupt service. In those cases Dirt Draft will manually score the event post race.

Each drivers is awarded a score based on only their a-main finish. 1st – 100, 2nd – 98, 3rd – 96 , etc .. If a driver did not make the a-main they are awarded a 31st place finish and a score of 40. If a driver was on the draftable roster but did not compete in the event they are awarded a 31st place finish and a score of 40. If a driver is not on the draftable roster but competes in the event there are awarded a score correlating to their finish position if they made the a-main or 31st if they did not made the a-main.

No, after the event Dirt Draft will validate the event results before marking the event results official and marking as Validated. At that point all scores and points become final. The validation period will normally happen within 12-hours of the completion of an game.

After an event is validated, the event results will not be changed.

In the event a game is canceled due to weather we will mark the game as rained out and the game will be terminated. If a game is rescheduled within the same weekend we will simply leave the game active and it will start on the rescheduled date when the a-main starts. If a game is rescheduled to a different weekend, the game will be terminated and users will need to re-draft.
Speed Shop

Dirt Draft is for Entertainment Purposes only and does not pay out cash prizes. However, Dirt Draft does reward users with points that can be used in the Speed Shop.

The Dirt Draft Speed Shop is an online redemption center that allows you to redeem points in for merchandise, tickets, subscriptions, ppv’s, race parts, etc ..

The Dirt Draft points system distributes points to users based on their finish in a game. Each game will have a pre-determined total amount of points to be distributed to a pre-determined amount of the top finishers in the game. Your account will accumulate points until you redeem them in the Dirt Draft Speed Shop. Each game prior to entering will have posted the amount of points to be distributed and to what finishing positions. The points do not have any currency value associated with them.

Starting in August, 2019 you can redeem your points for items in the Dirt Draft Speed Shop.

Not a problem! You are also able to purchase products in the redemption center with points, a debit or credit card, PayPal or a combination of points and a card/PayPal.

Dirt Draft will ship your items within 3-4-days (on business days) via USPS, UPS or Fed-Ex. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the user. If you are redeeming for an event ticket, subscription or any other digital product it will be sent to you within 48-hours.

No, points do not expire. If there would ever be an instance where points would expire Dirt Draft would give users ample time and numerous notifications to make them aware.

No, points are non-transferable.

As a subscriber to Dirt Draft there are no costs to play the individual games.

Dirt Draft is offering a limited time introdutory rate of $5.99/month or $59.99/year. Your subscription will auto-renew each month or year based on you initial subscription date. By clicking "Buy & Accept Terms," you agree to the Dirt Draft Terms of Use and the Dirt Draft Privacy Policy. You also agree that your Dirt Draft subscription will renew monthly or annually based on your initial subscription package. You can cancel your automatic renewal any time before the billing period.

We’d hate to see you go but if you’re tired having fun just click the contact link and include your username and email address associated with your account. We’ll reach back out to confirm and you will not be billed for the next period. Cancellation takes up to two business days to complete and will take effect during the next billing cycle. You must click the contact link to submit your cancellation request at least 2 business days before your subscription renews.

There are no cancellation fees. You will not be charged any subscription fees after your cancellation date. There are no refunds for partial months or unused portions of annual subscriptions. Any subscription related charges made to your account prior to cancellation are non-refundable.

Log into your account, click the account icon > Manage Account > Manage Subscription. From there you can update your billing information.