Frequently Asked Questions

What is DirtDraft?
Why Should I Join DirtDraft?
How Do I Play?
Is Dirt Draft Daily Fantasy Sports?
How often can I play?
How many games does Dirt Draft host each week?
How are you drivers salaries calculated?
What is an ADR?
What is the draft deadline for each game?
When are the drivers rosters posted for each game?
What is the Green, Yellow and Red lights by each drivers name?
What if a driver isn’t listed in the initial driver roster but will be at the event?
Can I change my team after I draft and enter the game?
Are the games scored LIVE with Timing and Scoring?
How is the game scored?
Are games official at the checkered flag?
What if there is a disqualification after the validation?
Do I win anything playing Dirt Draft?
What happens if a game is rained out or rescheduled?
What is the Dirt Draft Speed Shop.
How does the Dirt Draft points system work?
What can I do with my Dirt Draft points?
I see something in the Dirt Draft Speed Shop I like but I don’t have enough points?
How are my products from the Dirt Draft Speed Shop shipped.
Do points ever expire?
Can I transfer my points to another account?
What does it cost to play Dirt Draft?
What does a Dirt Draft subscription cost?
How do I cancel my subscription?
Will I be charged a cancellation fee? Will I get a refund?