What our Fans Say
Easy to use and keeps me engaged with dirt racing
Really enjoy the private contests! Always find myself way more engaged with other forms of dirt racing too. I’m a late model guy, but because of Dirt Draft I’ve found myself following a lot more winged and non-winged sprints races!"
Dirt Draft For Life!
This is an amazing app for all racing fans! I’ve had it for a few months now and I will own it the rest of my life! Makes the races even more entertaining because you’re pulling for the drivers that the budget allows you to get even if sometimes it isn’t your favorite driver!"
Awesome what Dirt Draft is doing!
Finally something on the side of Dirt Track Racing and a fantasy aspect. You can play private matches with some buddies or against hundreds of people you may not know. Well with the $5 a month with all the cool prizes in the shop. The app is only going to get bigger and better as time goes on. Check it out!"
I wish I could give it 10 stars!
If you’re a fan of dirt racing this is a must download! I have so much fun competing against the world and against my friend. Now that Private Contests are active, I can even take their points. They hate that! Seriously though, this app is a barrel of fun, it’s very well-functioning, easy to use, and you can earn some cool stuff in The Speed Shop."
Take My Money!
Love this game. It’s about time the dirt racing community gets a fantasy app, & this happens to be everything you want. I like how you can play against everybody or you can choose to host a match against your friends. It’s a few bucks a month which isn’t bad considering you will probably make it back by earning points which you can then use to spend on merchandise, etc. I’m excited to see how this app will continue to get even better."
Grow the sport!
Excited to have an app that allows us fans to be so interactive. It really keeps me Involved in the racing going on out there. I absolutely love it. Great app!"